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C_TADM70_73 SAP Certified Technology Associate – OS DB Migration for SAP NetWeaver 7.30

Product Group: Platform
Solution: SAP NetWeaver
Sub-solution: Administration
Component: Strategic Enterprise Management
Delivery Methods: Certification
Level: Associate

Exam: 40 questions
Sample Questions: PDF Link
Cut Score: 59%
Duration: 60 mins
Languages: English

This certification path will validate your capability as a well-trained technologist and prepare you to help your client or employer manage and execute key business processes. Armed with an understanding of SAP NetWeaver 7.30 and OS/DB migration for SAP systems, you can implement this knowledge for your projects as a technology consultant

Topic Areas
Please see below the list of topics that may be covered within this certification and the courses that cover them. Its accuracy does not constitute a legitimate claim; SAP reserves the right to update the exam content (topics, items, weighting) at any time.
Advanced Migration Techniques > 12%

Identify the Time critical steps in an R3LOAD / JLOAD based system copy. Describe the Methods/strategies to save time during system copy.

ADM545 (NW AS 7.40)
R3LOAD and JLOAD Files > 12%

Explain the purpose, contents, and structure of the R3LOAD and JLOAD control and data files.

SAP Migration Tools > 12%

Recognize the tools that are required to perform a SAP OS/DB migration and describe their functions.

Introduction 8% – 12%

Clarify what is a homogeneous or heterogeneous system copy, which tools are available, what is the Going Live OS/DB Migration Check Service, and from where to get information about the migration procedure.

Migration and Special Projects 8% – 12%

Describe the scope of services performed by the SAP OS/DB Migration Check. Estimate the effort involved in a migration. Plan a migration project.

Performing the Migration 8% – 12%

Describe the migration procedure and explain the steps required to migrate an ABAP and Java based system.

System Copy Methods 8% – 12%

Evaluate the database-specific and unspecific options for performing SAP homogeneous or heterogeneous system copies (OS/DB Migrations).

Technical Background and Troubleshooting 8% – 12%

Describe how Data Classes are used to map tables to database storage units and how Data Classes are handled by R3LDCTL and R3LOAD. Explain the purpose of table DBDIFF, and describe how the R3LOAD/JLOAD data access works. Distinguish between the R3SZCHK behavior if the target database type is the same or different than the source database type.


Exam Preparation

Each specific certification comes with its own set of preparation tactics. We define them as “Topic Areas” and they can be found on each exam description. You can find the number of questions, the duration of the exam, what areas you will be tested on, and recommended course work and content you can reference.

Please be aware that the professional- level certification also requires several years of practical on-the-job experience and addresses real-life scenarios.

The command file DBEXPORT.R3S controls the database export of a

A. Heterogeneous system copy.
B. For both systems
C. Homogeneous system copy

Answer: B

A customer plans to invest in a new and more powerful hardware for his ABAP-based SAP production
system (no JAVA web As installed). As the operating system and database version are not up-to-date, he
also wants to change to the latest software version in a single step while doing the system move.
Current system configuration: Oracle 10.2, AIX 6.1
Planned system configuration: Oracle 11.2, AIX 7.1
Is the planned system move a ..
Which statement is false?

A. An OS migration
B. A DB migration
C. Homogeneous system copy
D. Hetergeneous system copy

Answer: D

To prevents unintended overlaps between filed names in tables and R3LOAD key words, as well as other
inconsistencies. What do you perform?

A. Before the data export/Import, R3LOAD performs a syntax check on the *STR files.
B. After the data export/import, R3LOAD performs a syntax check on the *STR files

Answer: A

Every database vendor provides a JDBC interface for easy database access. Interface? which JDBC
interface is used for SAP?

A. JDBC interface provide by the database vendor
B. SAP using it own JDBC interface

Answer: B

The “SAP OS/DNI Migration Check Analysis session” Will be performed on

A. The production migration source system
B. The migrated production system after the final migration

Answer: A

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