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Internationally Awarded Training Company Offers Online Computer Training

International award winning training company, Certkingdom, is now selling online computer certification training classes.

Certkingdom has announced that it will now be offering online computer training classes. We has been an international computer and IT security training and certification leader. Over the past few years We has received major international awards for the quality and volume of training that it provides to people all across the world. Within that time, computer and IT certification training online has grown steadily each year. Although We promotes the benefits of hands-on, interactive computer training, they also recognize the abundant need of online training for people who do not have the ability to dedicate classroom time to their training.
“We are excited about the launch of this side of our business. Given our industry presence, we had clients asking for a product of this type for some time. We wanted to make sure that we reached a point where we could focus on the success of this launch, as opposed to just offering anything. We feel like we have the right solutions in plWe.”
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Certkingdom has dedicated a large portion of company resources for their launch of the online products. So far, the company has launched their platform which includes authorized certification training such as the live Certified Ethical Hacker online and the computer based CCNA certification. Other classes online that We considers to be much in demand include the CompTIA Security+, Microsoft Office and the MCITP. We has set up a specific phone line and a direct link on their website where interested people can purchase their online computer training classes. Most of the online computer training classes come with e-courseware and certification exam preparation study guides. Most of these self-pWed classes are instructor-led and are designed into modules that break the material down in logical lesson that accompany live demonstrations of labs.

This announcement comes on the heels of We have second straight EC-Council ATC of the Year Award, which is given to the leading provider of EC-Council certification training classes (like the CEH) in the world. With We being positioned as an international training leader, the launch of the online / computer based training products should be a success, especially with the market for this type of training expanding so steadily. “We are excited about the launch of this side of our business. Given our industry presence, we had clients asking for a product of this type for some time. We wanted to make sure that we reached a point where we could focus on the success of this launch, as opposed to just offering anything. We feel like we have the right solutions in Corey, Director of Marketing.

MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

Best Microsoft MCTS Certification, Microsoft MCITP Training

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Hackers may try to disrupt World IPv6 Day II

Brzozowski says Comcast will be monitoring its network for signs of attack throughout the trial. “We’re taking the necessary steps so that the Comcast infrastructure is protected,” he adds.

Juniper says that if its website comes under DDoS or other attack on World IPv6 Day, it will simply switch back to IPv4. “We can revert back to IPv4 in about five minutes,” says Alain Durand, director of software engineering at Juniper, which is using its own translator-in-a-cloud service to IPv6 enable its main website for the day.


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Akamai, a content delivery network with 30 customers that are participating in World IPv6 Day, says it isn’t too concerned about hacking or DDoS attacks during the IPv6 trial.

“All of our command and control systems are going to stay on IPv4,” says Andy Champagne, vice president of engineering with Akamai, which is developing a commercial IPv6 service. “Absent some underlying exposure in the protocol that we don’t know about … we think we’re OK. We’ve got enough IPv6 capacity … I don’t expect any trouble.”

Radware’s Meyran says hackers may be so clever that they won’t attack websites on World IPv6 Day but will instead wait until these sites turn IPv6 on permanently. “The hackers will be very happy to see this day go successfully and that sites are starting to deploy IPv6 because it opens up new areas of attack,” he predicts.

That’s why Meyran recommends network administrators who participate in World IPv6 Day follow up with an event focused on IPv6 security testing. “The next stage will be to … run attack tools that simulate IPv6 attacks to make sure your firewalls are really seeing the network and that your intrusion protection systems can really do the deep packet inspection of IPv6 traffic,” he says.

World IPv6 Day is a large-scale experiment sponsored by the Internet Society that is designed to discover problems with IPv6 before the new protocol is widely deployed.

DETAILS: What if IPv6 simply fails to catch on?

The Internet needs IPv6 because it is running out of addresses using IPv4. The free pool of unassigned IPv4 addresses expired in February, and in April the Asia Pacific region ran out of all but a few IPv4 addresses being held in reserve for startups. The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), which doles out IP addresses to network operators in North America, says it will deplete its supply of IPv4 addresses this fall.

IPv4 uses 32-bit addresses and can support 4.3 billion devices connected directly to the Internet, but IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses and can connect up a virtually unlimited number of devices: 2 to the 128th power. IPv6 offers the promise of faster, less-costly Internet services than the alternative, which is to extend the life of IPv4 using network address translation (NAT) devices.

One major stumbling block for IPv6 deployment is that it’s not backward compatible with IPv4. That means website operators have to upgrade their network equipment and software to support IPv6 traffic.

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Hackers may try to disrupt World IPv6 Day

Hundreds of popular websites — including Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing — are participating in a 24-hour trial of a new Internet standard called IPv6 on June 8, prompting worries that hackers will exploit weaknesses in this emerging technology to launch attacks.

BACKGROUND: Large-scale IPv6 trial set for June 8

Dubbed World IPv6 Day, the IPv6 trial runs from 8 p.m. EST on Tuesday until 7:59 p.m. EST on Wednesday.

Security experts are concerned that the 400-plus corporate, government and university websites that are participating in World IPv6 Day could be hit with distributed denial of service (DDoS) or other hacking attacks during the 24-hour trial.


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“In the last five months, there has been a huge increase in DDoS attacks,” says Ron Meyran, director of product marketing and security at Radware, a network device company that is not participating in World IPv6 Day. “IPv6 is going to be even easier for attackers … because IPv6 traffic will go through your deep packet inspection systems uninspected.”

Meyran says another concern is that IPv6 packet headers are four times larger than IPv4 headers. This means routers, firewalls and other network devices must process more data, which makes it easier to overwhelm them in a DDoS attack.

“With a DDoS attack, you need to reach 100% utilization of the networking and security devices to saturate the services,” Meyran says. The longer headers in IPv6 “must be processed completely to make routing decisions.”

“I wonder if there’s going to be any sort of DDoS type of things going on … or hackers probing servers that are dual-stack enabled [running IPv6 and IPv4 at the same time],” says Jean McManus, executive director of Verizon’s Corporate Technology Organization, which is participating in World IPv6 Day. “Content providers need to be careful and watch to make sure that everything is appropriately locked down.”

Many security threats related to IPv6 stem from the fact that the technology is new, so it hasn’t been as well-tested or de-bugged as IPv4. Also, fewer network managers have experience with IPv6 so they aren’t as familiar with writing IPv6-related rules for their firewalls or other security devices.

“We know from security breaches that the security rules that allow you to see the network and applications better … is where there is a lack of training and expertise with IPv6,” Meyran says. “The new software is much more complex … and there are much less programmers familiar with it.”

BY THE NUMBERS: 8 security considerations for IPv6 deployment

World IPv6 Day participants say the event was advertized to everybody in the Internet engineering community, including hackers, and they are beefing up the security measures on their sites accordingly.

“This is a well-publicized event,” says John Brzozowski, distinguished engineer and chief architect for IPv6 at Comcast, which is participating in World IPv6 Day both as a provider of IPv6-based cable modem services and as an operator of seven IPv6-enabled websites. “Anything can happen. IPv6 is no different than any other new technology. The potential [for attacks] is there. Protecting the network is key to us.”

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HTC Trophy (Verizon Wireless)

Want less stress in your OS? Consider sauntering over from a cattle-spooking ‘droid to the more relaxing Windows Phone 7. The HTC Trophy ($149), the first Windows Phone 7 for Verizon Wireless, has an easy-to-use operating system that’s great for most basic smartphone functions. The phone is especially good for gaming, though we’d warn against using it if you’re heavy into photography.


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Design and Voice Performance
The HTC Trophy is a pretty nondescript black slab. It isn’t particularly slim or light, although it’s refreshingly smaller than 4.3-inch-screen phones like the gargantuan Motorola Droid X2 ($199.99, 3.5 stars). The 3.8-inch, 800-by-480 screen is thoroughly average, but fine to look at outdoors, and it appears sharp because the pixels are spread over less of a physical area than on larger phones. The soft-touch black plastic back shows a large metal bulge, which is the 5-megapixel camera with its flash.

All our measurements of voice quality were somewhat above average: The Trophy has a fine earpiece, a perfectly decent speakerphone, and acceptable reception. The amount of side tone, the echo of your voice in your ear which prevents you from yelling, was ideal. The Trophy connected easily to our Bluetooth headset, an Aliph Jawbone Era, ($129, 4.5 stars) and was accurate with voice dialing, though it doesn’t offer other voice commands. Battery life, at 5 hours, 3 minutes of talk time, was within the acceptable range but shorter than we’d like. That goes for standby time, too; sometimes, during the test period, our Trophy didn’t last a full day of regular use. Amusingly, Microsoft now owns Skype, but this is the only major Verizon smartphone not to support Skype Mobile. That gap will be filled later this year, Microsoft has said.

The Trophy runs on Verizon’s EVDO Rev A 3G network; it also has Wi-Fi. That means it connects to the Internet at speeds of around 1Mbps, considerably slower than Verizon’s new 4G phones. I bashed the Droid X2 for not having 4G, but it purports to be a high-end device; I don’t think entry-level users will mind the missing speed as much. And like all Windows Phones, the Trophy doesn’t work as a modem for a laptop.

Service Provider    Verizon Wireless
Operating System    Windows Phone 7
Screen Size    3.8 inches
Screen Details    800-by-480, 16M-color TFT LCD capacitive touch screen
Camera    Yes
Network    CDMA
Bands    850, 1900
High-Speed Data    1xRTT, EVDO Rev A
Processor Speed    1 GHz

OS and Apps
If I was to try to capture mobile OSes in one word, the word for iOS would be “apps.” For BlackBerries, “messaging.” For Android, it might be “customizable.” For Windows Phone 7, it’s “simple.”

Take a look at our review of Windows Phone 7 for a deeper dive into the OS. Here’s the short version: WP7 has a scrollable home screen of “live tiles” that open up into “hubs” of similar activities. For instance, the Games Hub lets you download games, play games, fiddle with your XBox Live avatar or check your in-game achievements.

The tiles are customizable, so you can do things like pin your favorite contacts to the home screen. Scroll to the right and you get a full list of installed apps; there are about 18,000 to choose from as of this writing. This fall, the Trophy, like other Windows Phones, will get a major upgrade called “Mango” with 500 new features; for a look at some of them, see our Mango walkthrough.

All Windows Phones share very similar hardware, so they all perform similarly. All have 1GHz Qualcomm QSD8260 Snapdragon processors, 800-by-480 screens, 5-megapixel cameras, and 3G rather than 4G.

Gaming is a real strength here. Windows Phones don’t have the pure hardware chops of Nvidia Tegra 2-based devices like the T-Mobile G2x ($199.99, 4 stars). But they make up for it with games that are fun, well-written and unique. I’d argue that the Windows Phone game selection looks more like the stuff you’d find on a home console than even the list of titles for the game-centric Sony Ericsson Xperia Play ($199.99, 3.5 stars).

As you’d expect, Microsoft Office integration is also excellent, with a terrific Exchange client and Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps. The phone integrates well with Facebook, although Twitter is left to third-party apps.

The Web and mapping experience relies heavily on Bing. In my tests, the GPS locked onto my location without any problems, but I find Bing Maps clumsier and more inaccurate than Google Maps. The Web browser displays pages clearly and well, but without Flash.

Multimedia Support
Like other Windows Phones, the Trophy is also a Zune media player, which means it connects to Zune software on PCs and to Windows Phone Connector on Macs to seamlessly sync pretty much all of your non-protected media. The phone comes with Netflix and Slacker preloaded, and Pandora, YouTube, and SlingPlayer apps are all available for download, although Hulu isn’t. The Zune software takes care of converting files into a format that’s appropriate for the phone. Music sounds good over wired or Bluetooth headphones; if you’re watching video, though, you need to use a wired set, as it won’t stream the sound from videos over Bluetooth.

The Trophy falls short when it’s capturing media, though. The 5-megapixel camera takes soft photos that are blown out in good light and either blurry or noisy in low light. The continuous autofocus initially looks like a good idea. Because the camera is constantly focusing, you can snap a shot in a blazing 0.3 seconds. But sometimes it didn’t lock on, leading to painfully blurry pictures.

The video recording mode captures decent 640-by-480 video at 30 frames per second outdoors, and some rather jaggy, pulsing 720p HD video at 24 frames per second. Indoors with low light, my test recordings were very jerky, dropping to 12 or even 10 frames per second. If you’re looking for an ace camera phone, pick up a Motorola Droid X2 instead.

The HTC Trophy is a pleasantly unassuming device that makes a terrific first smartphone, or a step up from a BlackBerry for someone who doesn’t feel like doing all of the furniture-arranging that comes with the Android experience. The Trophy’s top competitor on Verizon is, of course, the Apple iPhone 4 ($199, 4 stars), which has many more apps and a far superior camera, which earn it a higher rating. Ultimately, though, if you like the look of the Windows Phone 7 interface, the Trophy is a good introduction.

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Is your IT job indispensable? Then no vacation for you

In many IT organizations, there’s a strict schedule for on-call duties. As with other professions that transcend the 9-to-5 world, someone must be available to answer the phone when it all goes pear shaped, and ideally that person isn’t working on his or her fourth bourbon on a Friday night. In most shops, this is a simple weekday/weekend schedule that rotates people through a more-or-less regular cycle of availability and triage duties.



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This sort of on-call schedule works quite well in many organizations. In others, it’s a joke.

[ Also on Read Paul Venezia’s instant classic, “Nine traits of the veteran Unix admin.” | Then, if you dare, join the debate about rebooting Unix-based systems. ]

At the center of most IT shops is a core group of admins or engineers. They probably had a hand in building the infrastructure, or at least a significant part of it, and are among the few people who can diagnose and address major problems as they occur. These aren’t the folks that get called in to handle a partition filling up unexpectedly, mind you — they’re the ones who are alerted when nobody else has any idea where to even start looking for a fix to a problem.

In other words, these folks are on call 24/7/365, whether they like it or not.

If you’re one of these people, you know as well as I do that you can forget about turning off your cellphone when on vacation. Every flight to Aruba or wherever comes with an unwelcome thought: When the plane goes wheels down and the phone is taken out of airplane mode, will your device explode with a series of increasingly desperate texts and emails describing a situation that has gone plaid while you were playing Angry Birds at 30,000 feet?

I know this feeling well, having lived it for years. It’s ingrained in my psyche at this point, and I’m fairly sure that’s not healthy.

But what’s the solution? To maintain multiple people of equal skill levels and experience? Far too costly for most shops, even if it were truly possible to replicate years of in the field, not to mention the knowledge that comes with building the infrastructure. Vendor support? Hardly. Once you get through the first few tiers of responses, you find yourself repeating problem descriptions to folks on the phone who maintain a constant stream of “uh huh” and “I see” vocal pauses to lend the appearance of a trained mind formulating a successful solution — when they’re actually listening for keywords that will let them shift the call to another queue as soon as possible.

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How To Find The Best Part Time Certified PMP Training

Today, Project Management Professional (PMP) courses and programs are garnering much popularity among numerous individuals and corporations. The object of such programs and trainings is to earn professional project managers and/or consultants, certified by accredited institutions.


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Hence, PMP-certified consultants undergo different classes, trainings, courses, examination, and further requirements. PMP is just one of the diverse courses offered by the renowned Project Management Institute (PMI); thus one can enjoy several benefits of acquiring certification from PMI though enrolling in any PMP program may require relatively high costs.

Reasons for Enrolling

Seemingly, enrolling in PMP courses, classes, trainings, and other programs may be costly but it is absolutely worth the price. Enrolling can lead to achieving a PMP certification which can eventually assist individuals in career placements, and earning high salaries in the future. Both local and international organizations refer to certified employees or consultants since they are more capable, efficient, flexible, and credible in the field of professional project management. Apart from future reasons, signing up for accredited PMP classes can lead to building rapport between co-trainees and mentors, giving possibility to create big network of associates.

Financial Assistance

It is very true that pursuing a PMP career requires an aspiring consultant for high fees. But there are sensible considerations so as to lessen the relatively high cost of education and training. In very rare cases, some employers are willing to cover a certain percentage of their employees’ PMP Training fees. That is why, desiring project managers can somehow ask for their employer’s assistance before enrolling or signing up for any course or program. Nonetheless, employers are agreeable to assist since such certified courses can improve the knowledge, professionalism, and credibility of their employees.

Sensible Alternative

In order to cut costs, there is some part-time training readily available for candidates or applicants. Most of the courses, programs, and trainings offered by PMP entail flexible schedules as well as much affordable rates. These arrangements are efficient to those employed in specific corporations, but willing to undergo essential trainings to further satisfy their employers as well as clients, by providing more professional services. Similarly, clients tend to refer to certified professionals for better services, which is why PMP certification is very essential for a project manager. Taking part-time trainings may somehow alleviate expenses, but could take longer period compared to regular training programs.

Where to Find Part-time Trainings

Perhaps, the most reliable source of part-time trainings is to personally visit institutions that provide project management courses, classes, and other related programs. By doing this, you can individually examine target schedules, narrow down options, compare price rates, and further contributory factors. Moreover, searching through the internet presents boundless range of classes, programs, and trainings available for part-time applicants and/or enrollees.

Online Training

Other aspiring project managers and consultants prefer online PMP training for their certification. In fact, it can be one of the most convenient ways to obtain a professional training along with many benefits. However, taking an online education and training entails certain abilities and skills therefore it is not highly advised for everyone. Such types of preparation courses can bring about challenges or struggles with virtual classrooms. Hence, individual assessment is still vital to evaluate if one is capable of undergoing online education and trainings.

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