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Microsoft – MB2-184 – Q & A/ Study Guide

Microsoft CRM Installation and Configuration V.1.2
Microsoft – MB2-184

MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+
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What business framework was Microsoft CRM developed upon that allows it to be integrated with
virtually any system in the world?

A. Windows NT4.0
B. Microsoft NET
C. Web Net
D. SQL Server 2000

Answer: B

The integration between Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Outlook uses which technology that allows
users of the Sales for Outlook Client to see their contacts, leads, activities, opportunities, tasks,
appointments, and e-mail?

A. MDAC 2.7a
B. Microsoft Message Queuing
C. XML Web Services

Answer: C

Microsoft CRM Version 1.2 can be installed in both Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server
2003 environments. In either of these environments, how many Primary Domain Controllers are
installed in a single domain?

A. One Primary Domain Controller is always required
B. At least one Primary Domain Controller and as many Backup Domain Controllers as needed
C. None. All Domain Controllers are considered peers in both Windows Server 2000 and
Windows Server 2003 environments
D. None. Domain Controllers are not required in a Windows Server 2000 or Windows Server
2003 environment running Microsoft CRM

Answer: C

Which advantage does the Active Directory domain architecture provide for companies that have
deployed Microsoft CRM Version 1 .2 in a Windows Server 2003 domain?

A. It provides a single point of management for user accounts, computers, and applications in
the Windows Server 2003 domain
B. It meets the messaging and collaboration needs of small organizations, large distributed
enterprises and everything in between.
C. It enables structured data exchange and data transport
D. It enables an unprecedented level of software integration through the use of XML Web

Answer: A

Which technology allows Microsoft CRM to share data and invoke capabilities from other
applications without regard to how those applications were built, what operating system or
platform they run on, and what devices are used to access them?

A. Application Programming Interfaces
B. XML Web Services
D. Microsoft Exchange

Answer: B

XML Web Services are invoked over the Internet by means of industry-standard protocols
including which of the following?

C. Microsoft NET

Answer: A

Microsoft CRM is tightly integrated with which of the following technologies for the purpose of
validating access level security upon each user request?

A. SQL Server 2000
B. Active Directory
C. Internet Information Server (lIS)
D. Exchange Server 2000

Answer: B

Which software component must be installed on the same machine as your Exchange 2000
server(s) in order to enable the e-mail functionality of Microsoft CRM?

A. E-Mail Router
B. Deployment Manager
C. Outlook Rich Client
D. Workflow Monitor

Answer: A

Which technology render the web pages used by Microsoft CRM and allows organizations to host
and manage web pages on the Internet or on their internal intranet?

B. XML Web Services

Answer: D

Microsoft CRM uses which of the following technologies to display its web forms via the browser

A. XML Web Services
D. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)

Answer: C

MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at

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How to Get Mysql Certification?

Just about every job and occupation requires some sort of education and training. This is becuase you will need thte knowlege and hands on training to do the job and adequately. Whether an individual wants to become a physician, attorney, engineer, accountant or computer programmer, they will need to complete an education and training regimen in order to get into the occupation and begin a career in the field 70-640 Training .

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When it comes to the computer and information technology field, there are quite a few certifications that make job applicants more marketable in this field. One of the certifications that helps people get an edge in the technology field is MYSQL certification.

MYSQL is a form of database managment software program that is very vital to most organizations. The MYSQL databases are very and highly specialized so getting certification is of untmost importance. The certification grants people in certain categories such as associate, developer and DBA.
In order to get certified you need to first determine what level you want to be in. This is either associate or developer. The associate level requires passage of only one exam and the developer and DBA require passage of two exams. In the next step to becoming certified it is very helpful to take a practice test in order to determine what parts you need to study more and master.

This is great for an initial assesment and to see what the test willl be like. In the third step, you need to register for the exam through Person Vue which is an exam administrator. The administrator collects fees and provides test material. It is best to select a time and place that is most convenient for you.

When preparing for the exam, it is beneficial to ask your employer if they will reimburse you for the testing fees and costs. If they do then make sure you qualify for reimbursement. While preparing for the exam form a study group to get additional feedback and have others help you understand the material. When taking the exam make sure you answer all of the questions because an incomplete question will be marked wrong. Also review your answers too Microsoft Free MCTS Training and MCTS Online Training.

The process of getting MYSQL certified can be a challenging process but with the proper steps you can be on your way to gaining more skills and therefore make yourself more marketable to employers to advance your career.

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