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Certkingdom is an online based company that provides various IT certification exam services free of charge. We provide free IT Certification practice tests, study guides, jobs listed and networking tutorials mainly focused on Microsoft, Cisco, CWNP, Citrix, Oracle, CompTIA, Linux and Networking certifications. Under the Microsoft brand, IT professionals can access desktop, server, applications, database and developer study guides, tutorials as well as certification tests.

The range of CompTIA services encompasses CompTIA A+, CDIA+, Cloud+, CTT+, Mobility+, Network+, PDI +, Project+, Security+, Server+, Storage+ Powered by SNIA, Mobile App Security+ and Linux+ ,CCNA, CCNP, CCT, CCENT and CCIE under the Cisco brand. CWSP, CWAP, CWDP, CWNE and verify a CWNP are featured under the CWNP IT brand.

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There are several reasons to opt for the Certkingdom IT Certification services apart from the free access to the various tutorials, study guides, tests, networking tutorials and listed jobs. IT experts will best prepare for the real tests by practicing with the various guides, tests and even tutorials featured on the website. Many professionals have successfully passed their certification exams by using these materials to study. This simply means that they have been tested and proven to work.

Whether one is studying for a job interview, computer certification exams or just want to improve their IT knowledge and skills, Certkingdom is the perfect website to visit. With the extensive study materials at the disposal of IT professionals, they have no reason to fail their exams.

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Bill Gates’s return may save Microsoft, but it’s not likely

Some talk has been going around about Bill Gates making a return to help Microsoft rebound from its recent mistakes, but don’t hold your breath.

Slow news days (a royal birth aside) can lead to bored reporters straying into speculation territory since they have no news on which to report.

The latest comes from International Business Times, which ran an article speculating that Bill Gates might have to mount up his white horse and save his faltering company from the bumbling hands of the man he picked to take over the firm more than a decade ago, Steve Ballmer.

The main impetus for the story is not rumor or leads from analysts, but because of what happened last Friday, when the company suffered the biggest one-day percentage sell-off in stock the last 13 years. After gaining a little ground in recent months, Microsoft backslid 11.4% in one day.

“As investors continued to show concerns about the standings of one of the most influential tech companies in the world, Microsoft might have no other option but to bring the man that guided the firm to greater heights. Yes, Bill Gates might actually return to his old post,” the article said.

That’s a bit of a leap there. Certainly, the stars are aligning against Ballmer. There were calls for his head more than once. Microsoft has made an awful mess of the PC industry with Windows 8 and its tablet strategy has failed. The recent reorg, as many people noticed, did nothing to put a successor in place.

Investors are losing their patience. Once again, the long knives are out at Seeking Alpha, with one blogger noting that the recent reorg puts 70% of the company’s profitable businesses under an executive with a track record of enormous loss. Another flat out says Ballmer has to go, noting a lack of technological innovation at the company under his leadership.

And Gates would have a good reason to return. His charitable foundation is built entirely on his Microsoft stock holdings. He can’t give away his billions if Microsoft stock keeps plummeting in value.

But the IBT article misses a key issue: Gates’s passion. It’s just not with technology, nor has it been for some time. His evangelical zeal is to save the world, or at least the Third World. He’s not interested in cloud computing; he’s interested in malaria treatment and clean drinking water. Look at his tweets. Do you see any interest in tech? Only tangentially.

To cure the ailing beast that is Microsoft will require someone with tunnel vision and determined enthusiasm, and I just don’t see it in Gates anymore. Yes, it’s his baby. Yes, it’s his fortune. But he has moved on. It needs to be someone else – someone not invested in Microsoft, the way Lou Gerstner was not invested in IBM when he took over, to make the tough, dispassionate decisions that must be made.

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Demand for IT security experts outstrips supply

Employers will pay more for certified — and experienced — IT security pros, studies find

Demand for information security experts in the United States is outstripping the available supply by a widening margin, according to a pair of recently-released reports.

A report from Burning Glass Technologies, which develops technologies designed to match people with jobs, shows that demand for cybersecurity professionals over the past five years grew 3.5 times faster than demand for other IT jobs and about 12 times faster than for all other jobs.

Burning Glass said its report is based on a study of job postings for cybersecurity professionals placed by U.S. businesses and government agencies over the past five years.

In 2012, there were more than 67,400 separate postings for cybersecurity-related jobs in a range of industries, including defense, financial services, retail, healthcare and professional services. The 2012 total is 73% higher than the number of security jobs posted in 2007, Burning Glass said.

By comparison, the number of job postings for all computer jobs grew by about 20% between 2007 and 2012. Posting for all jobs grew by only 6% during the period.

The two most sought-after jobs by employers were information security engineers and security analysts. Close to one in three of all computer security jobs advertised last year were for information security engineers. Nearly 25% of the job postings were for security analysts.

Demand for cybersecurity professionals was especially strong in Baltimore, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, San Diego, and Richmond, Burning Glass noted.

The number of cyber security jobs in each of those cities increased by more than 100% between 2007 and 2012. Large defense contractors and IT firms appear to have driven the demand increases in all of the cities except Atlanta.

Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technologies, said the soaring demand for information security professionals suggests that enterprises and government agencies are putting a lot more money and effort into protecting their data against attacks and compromise.

“The other thing that jumps out at me is the question of whether there is sufficient supply in the market to meet this demand,” Sigelman said.

For instance, over the past two years the number of jobs requiring a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification has jumped from 19,000 to more than 29,000. “When you see 10,000 new job postings in a two-year period in a field that has just over 50,000 CISSPs, there is a question of availability,” he said.

Another indication of the increasing difficulty U.S. employers face in finding qualified information security professionals comes from their job posting behavior. Employers typically have to repost or duplicate security job posts almost 35% more often than other IT job to find someone qualified, according to Burning Glass.

“Posting behavior suggests the possibility of a particular shortage of managers and analysts with cyber security expertise,” Burning Glass noted in its report.

Julie Peeler, director of ISC2 Foundation, the developer of the CISSP program, said there is no doubt that soaring demand is exacerbating an already difficult demand and supply situation for security experts.

Ove the next year, Peeler estimated that there will be a need for 330,000 more IT security professionals worldwide. It’s not clear that close to that many new professionals are graduating each year, she said.

A recent ISC2 Foundation survey of some 12,000 information security professionals worldwide found that a shortage of talent has had a dramatic impact on the ability of organizations to defend against or recover from a cyberattack.

“[The shortage] is causing a strain on the existing workforce,” Peeler said. “They are having to work harder and longer hours.”

More than half of the respondents to the ISC2 survey said the shortage is the ability of their organizations to defend against cyberthreats, she said.

The growing shortage has meant better salaries for information security professionals compared to many other IT jobs.

According to Burning Glass, cybersecurity jobs on average offer a premium of about $12,000 over the the average for all computer jobs — the advertised salary for cybersecurity jobs in 2012 was $100,733 versus $89,205 for all computer jobs.

People with security certifications appeared to be getting a modestly higher salary, the Burning Glass report found. In many cases, companies appear to require security certification as a way to filter experienced candidates from the non-experienced ones, Sigelman noted.

“Demand is high, but demand in and of itself does not create opportunity” for everyone, cautioned Roger Cressey senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton.

While it is true that employers are looking for more information security professionals than ever, they only want workers with long experience in areas like network security governance, policies and procedures. “You got to have the right skills set” Cressey said.

He noted that U.S. universities today are not training enough people to deal with the explosive growth in demand for IT security specialists.

Pete Lindstrom, an analyst with Spire Security cautioned against “irrational exuberance” on the IT security job market. “The need for security professionals should not be a cause for celebration. I worry that it is more emotional reaction than warranted pragmatism,” he said.

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Microsoft MCDBA Certification Training

Microsoft MCDBA Certification Training

Database administrators continue to grow beyond the commodity status they developed in the early 2000s, now earning the opportunity to shape strategy at many large companies. Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) training helps MBAs learn how to convert their tactics into code, while helping DBAs support long-term platform migrations.

How MCDBA training enhances career value
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, database administrators often enjoy annual salaries above $66,000 and can expect consistently strong job prospects over the next 10 years. However, government statistics back up research by private analysts at Foote Partners, showing that database administrator certification on its own doesn’t automatically lead to instant career success. Salary surveys indicate that the highest paid DBAs blend their experience from other job roles with the kinds of skills developed during MCDBA certification programs.

For instance, a business professional with an MBA can use MCDBA training to understand the mechanics of the systems he or she uses to track a company’s information. Acting as a project manager or as a liaison between engineers and end users can result in significantly higher compensation than a peer would earn in a strictly administrative role.

Earning the database administrator certification
According to Microsoft, MCDBA certification targets professionals with one year or more of experience working with SQL Server and requires passing four separate exams:

Microsoft SQL Server Administration exam.
SQL Server Design exam.
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 exam.
One elective exam from a list chosen by Microsoft’s education team, usually involving .NET or network infrastructure.

As experienced DBA professionals have noted in trade magazines like InfoWorld and SQL Magazine, Microsoft has retired many of the required exams for the MCDBA certification. Professionals switching careers into an information technology specialty may only have the option to pursue a vendor-neutral database administrator certification program. However, seasoned networking and infrastructure experts with previous Windows credentials can use the MCDBA certification to formalize their database skills.
Advantages of MCDBA certification

Though most database vendors share common elements of the Structured Query Language in use since the 1970s, each software company adds its own refinements and enhancements over time. These “forks” result in database platforms that can feel familiar to administrators moving from one vendor to another, but still require specific training and experience. Microsoft released versions of its SQL Server in 2005 and 2008, while competitors like Oracle released their own versions of SQL platforms in the years since. Still, many of Microsoft’s enterprise customers remain committed to platforms for years, if not decades.

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator training offers the biggest benefits to professionals in companies that require support for custom MS-SQL installations. Many of these companies understand that they can prolong the useful lives of their databases by leveraging today’s faster hardware and cheap memory upgrades. Therefore, databases running on platforms dating to 2000 and 2005 are common in enterprise environments. After a glut of MCDBA professionals hit the market in 2005 and 2006, the certification continues to grow in value at companies that rely on legacy support or that want to prepare for migration to a newer platform.

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VMware cost calculator can show Microsoft is cheaper

In certain configurations, Windows Server 2012 is cheaper than vSphere

Which is cheaper: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or VMware vSphere 5.1? Well, that depends on who’s doing the math.

A Microsoft general manager recently wrote a blog post pointing out that a cost calculator on VMware’s website shows that if a system is configured in a certain way then Microsoft’s Windows Server is less expensive for virtualizing workloads compared to VMware’s flagship software. “VMware (finally) admits that its costs are higher than Microsoft’s,” is the title of the post.

At least one analyst is chalking this up as Microsoft “mudslinging” aimed at VMware, but also points out that it could reflect the increasing competitiveness of the virtualization market.

The cost calculator on VMware’s website must be configured a certain way for Microsoft’s Windows Systems Server to come out cheaper than VMware. The configuration includes 100 virtual machines, an iSCSI SAN, using VMware vSphere 5.1 Enterprise Plus, with low electricity and real estate expenses. Microsoft says this represents a “common data center virtualization configuration.” When doing this, VMware’s vSphere 5.1 Enterprise Plus is 19% higher than Windows Systems Center 2012 and 12% higher than VMware’s Enterprise edition. VMware’s Enterprise Plus is priced at $257,385 compared to $217,226 for the Microsoft brand. When comparing the Windows version to the standard VMware edition, however, VMware comes out to be 7% less expensive than Microsoft.

In the blog post, Microsoft GM for Servers and Tools Marketing Group Amy Barzdukas says Microsoft could be even cheaper. VMware, she says is using a 2011 study which assumes that VMware ESX hypervisor can handle 20% more applications per virtual machine compared to Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization tool. Barzdukas says that’s “an assumption with little credibility or real-life customer evidence” by VMware, noting that application memory has been improved in the 2012 version of the software.

Public relations representatives that work with VMware did not respond to multiple inquiries to offer a response to Microsoft’s claims. VMware’s cost calculator Web page does note that VMware’s Enterprise edition includes more than a dozen features that Windows Systems Center 2012 does not, such as VM fault tolerance, dynamic resource scheduling and distributed networking switching, for example.

ESG analyst Mark Bowker says “this is basically just some mudslinging,” by Microsoft. Despite what can sometimes be higher priced products, Bowker says he’s hard pressed to find users who are not happy with VMware’s services. “It’s an investment in licensing, and the hardware to go with it, but people use it because of the management capabilities it gives you to run the shop more efficiently,” he says.

It’s not the first time Microsoft has taken some jabs at VMware. Earlier this year the company released a series of advertisements featuring “Tad,” a fictional salesperson for “VMlimited.” As Network World’s Jon Gold pointed out in April, it was attempt by Microsoft to paint VMware as expensive and outdated, by portraying VMware as working with only VMware’s hypervisors. VMware has changed that since then.

John Treadway, VP of Cloud Technology Partners, a consultancy, says the cost per VM price can be slightly misleading. “Enterprise buyers know that there is a difference between the list price and what the actual price turns out to be.” Plus, he says, VMware is trying to play a price game. “That’s not their value proposition,” he says. “Cheapest isn’t always necessarily the best.”

MORE MUDSLINGING: VMware and Microsoft are missing the boat on private PaaS, consultant says

Treadway says there are plenty of ways to set up a virtualized infrastructure that would be cheaper than both VMware and Microsoft. Commodity hardware could be used on top of an open source hypervisor to create a system that he guesses could be 20% cheaper than Microsoft’s price. The tradeoff is it would take more configuration and management, but it would be cheaper.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for Windows Server 2012 in the enterprise though, Bowker says. More and more, enterprises are turning into multi-hypervisor environments, with Microsoft’s Hyper-V gaining traction in adoption. “There’s a comfort factor there with Microsoft,” he says.

And overall, Bowker says that competition is a good thing to keep these vendors on their toes and ensure that customers reap the benefits of a diversified marketplace.

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12 effective habits of indispensable IT pros

12 effective habits of indispensable IT pros
How do you keep your job — or get a better one — in an era when hiring is slow and budgets are squeezed? Follow these 12 maxims.

Some are practical advice you’ve heard before (and ignored). Being familiar with how technology can improve the bottom line is more important than ever. But so is expanding your portfolio of IT skills. You’ll also want to reach out and communicate with your colleagues across the organization, and take on dirty jobs nobody else wants. Eventually it may even mean leaving the comfort of a big organization and branching out on your own.

But remember: Becoming “indispensable” can be a double-edged sword. Get too indispensable, and you might find yourself unable to move beyond your niche.

Effective IT habit No. 1: Get down to business
You may be your organization’s most talented developer or dedicated systems administrator, but if you don’t know what the business is selling or what service it’s providing, you’re an unemployment statistic waiting to happen.

First step: Learn as much about the business as you possibly can, advises Mark A. Gilmore, president and co-founder of Wired Integrations.

“Once you understand how the company works, you can use your IT knowledge to improve the company — thus making yourself more valuable and less dispensable,” Gilmore says.

“Don’t look at things from strictly an IT perspective,” he says. “Widen your vision to see how things relate to the business world around you. That will make you more valuable than 20 technical certifications and a master’s degree will.”

Effective IT habit No. 2: Keep your eye on the bottom line
Your job isn’t just to keep the data center humming. It’s to help your organization use technology to improve the business.

Servers running at a fraction of capacity? If you haven’t already virtualized, now’s the time. Software licenses dragging down your budget? An increasingly broad choice of low-cost cloud-based apps awaits.

“IT professionals need to focus on areas that either drive down costs, such as virtualization, cloud computing, and converged networking, or on areas that help to generate revenue, such as social media, mobile marketing, and SEO,” notes Rick Mancinelli, managing partner for Cloud Computing Concepts. “Ultimately, those IT professionals who have a positive impact on the bottom line will be the most valuable to their employer.”

Effective IT habit No. 3: Keep your head in the cloud
With many traditional IT functions moving to the cloud, your company may no longer need you to flip switches, connect cables, or troubleshoot machines. But they will still need someone who can tell them what services are available, which ones are worth looking at, and which ones they should avoid.

“If your organization plans to rely more on public cloud providers, especially for basic infrastructure needs, you may find you need fewer in-house operations people to maintain, patch, and upgrade systems,” says Mark White, CTO of Deloitte Consulting’s technology practice. “But you’ll still require people with expertise in managing a catalog of cloud services, handling subscribers, brokering agreements with cloud providers, and intervening when problems arise.”


Effective IT habit No. 4: Broaden your tech horizons
Besides mastering your own tech domains, broaden your skills to include other areas. If a crisis arises — and the people responsible aren’t available — you may be able to step and save the day.

“This helps employers view them as valuable team players who can easily branch out to handle other jobs,” says Dr. Issac Herskowitz, dean of the Graduate School of Technology at Touro College.

The easiest way to develop new skills (and impress your boss) is by volunteering to help other areas of IT and to stay on top of emerging tech trends, Herskowitz adds. The more you know about the latest and greatest, the more likely you’ll be invited to contribute when those technologies are being considered for adoption.

Effective IT habit No. 5: Teach your co-workers to speak geek
Want to break down the walls between IT and business and earn goodwill in the process? Start a series of casual teaching sessions where you bring less savvy co-workers up to speed about the latest in tech, suggests Ben Dunay, founder of Sixthree Technology Marketing.

“Even if you start small and informally over brown bags in the break room, it is a very cool way to step outside the norm and boost your career,” he says. “By making the technical terms clearer to the business people, you can quickly become the go-to guy for your boss when he needs something technical explained to save the day.”

Effective IT habit No. 6: Ditch the slackers, find a mentor
Hanging with a crew that likes to take long lunches and knock off at five (or earlier)? You’re not doing your career any good, says David Maxfield, author of “Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success.”

“The habits that hold you back are likely enabled, tolerated, or encouraged by others,” he says. “Use positive peer pressure by surrounding yourself with hardworking friends who share your career goals. Distance yourself from the office slackers.”

Instead, Maxfield advises you seek someone with more experience to steer your career in a positive direction. “Find a trusted mentor,” he says. “That will help you navigate the career development opportunities that exist within the organization.”

Effective IT habit No. 7: Do it with data
If your business users aren’t drowning in data, they will be. Taming the data deluge will make you invaluable.

“IT people who can make sense of business data, safely store it, categorize it, and especially analyze it are highly valuable,” notes Scott Lever, a managing consultant with PA Consulting Group.

George Mathew, president and COO of Alteryx, predicts one of the hottest jobs in the future will be the “data artisan,” a hybrid role that mixes data analysis with business savvy. “Data artisans will be asked to pull from structured and unstructured sources to drive the most important decisions within an organization — like where it should open its next retail location, whether to pursue a new market, and which products to push,” he says.

Effective IT habit No. 8: Take on jobs no one else wants
Safe, predictable jobs won’t get you into trouble, but they won’t earn you any glory either. It’s the tough jobs where you can prove your value, says John Paul Engel, principal for Knowledge Capital Consulting.

“The best career advice I ever received was from then president of Citibank California who told me, ‘Look for the biggest problem and solve it because therein lies your greatest opportunity’,” he says.

Take on a project that’s already going well, the best you can hope for is that it will continue to go well. Take on something that’s a disaster and turn it around — even just a little better — and you get a reputation as somebody who gets things done, Engel adds.

Effective IT habit No. 9: Don’t be a jerk
You might be a brilliant coder, but if nobody likes you, your head is on the chopping block.

“Personality goes a long way when it comes time to make cuts in an organization,” notes Nathan Letourneau, director of marketing for PowerWise USA. “Companies prefer people with positive attitudes and a good work ethic, even if they aren’t as highly skilled as another. Don’t be a pain in the butt or overly negative. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t speak your mind, but just make sure you’re respectful when doing it.”

Managers like to get rid of the troublemakers and malcontents first, says Engel: “It’s the person that makes the work environment better that gets promoted and is the last to leave in a layoff.”

Effective IT habit No. 10: Go public
The more people who know and rely on you — especially outside your department or organization — the harder it is to fire you, notes Engel.

If you have a client-facing job, you’re less likely to feel the ax on your neck because companies don’t generally like to fire people who have relationships with key accounts, he says — provided, of course, you obey Rule No. 9.

If your job doesn’t bring you into regular contact with clients, you can strive to become well known across different departments, especially in larger, more siloed enterprises.

“Look for projects and opportunities that cut across departments because this builds your internal network — thus making you more valuable to the company,” he says.


Effective IT habit No. 11: Don’t become literally “indispensable”
Being indispensable can become a trap. Your talents can become so critical that you can never leave or rise to a new position within your company, says Steven A. Lowe, CEO of Innovator LLC.

“A friend of mine is an excellent developer who has created a few critical software systems for the company that employs him,” Lowe says. “No one else can step in and do what he does, and the company can’t ‘afford’ to promote him to a more senior position or pay him much more money. So he’s frustrated and miserable — but he’s certainly indispensable!”

Don’t hoard information or expertise. Delegate responsibility. Start training your own replacement now, or find ways to outsource responsibilities so you can take on more challenging assignments.

Effective IT habit No. 12: Know when to fire yourself
Sometimes the best way to become indispensible is to step away from a stifling career path, even if that means branching out on your own.

“I boosted my career by starting my own company,” says Innovator’s Lowe. “I doubled my take-home pay immediately, set my own hours, and got to work on really interesting things with highly motivated people.”

When you’re out on your own, being indispensable means solving problems and letting others reap the rewards, Lowe says. “That’s pretty much the essence of my consulting career. I innovate, they prosper, we both win. The next time the client has a challenge, they call me first.”

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Microsoft TS: MS .NET Framework 3.5, ADO.NET Application Development – 70-561 Exam study guide

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11 Hiring Trends IT industry for 2011-2012

The shocking job losses at the end of the last decade have resulted in reversing the prosperity curve, with the highest rate of unemployment since the early 1980s. Although, the recovery is slower, however, there is evidence that the economy and hiring trends especially in IT industry is on the rise in 2011 and 2012. It is considered that the year 2011-2012 would be the time when one can finally experience some improvements. IT professionals, more than any other sector, must keep up with the latest trends and technologies.


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1. Big Gains in Information Technology Sector
The survey and analysis of employment index which provides broad and comprehensive monthly analysis of online job demand, gives a constant snapshot of the current hiring trends. This year, employment index, sees big gains in technology hiring with a 20% annual growth in the IT and mathematical occupational category. In a manner it increase IT training and certification demands amongst the students and professionals.
2. Certifications Impact Pay Huge

According to international standards, one of the significant factors affecting the salary of IT professionals is IT Certification . Achieving one or more certification always pays back, anywhere from basic CompTIA A+ Certification to the advanced Cisco Certification. However, hands-on knowledge of a particular skill-set is also mandate, when one combines effect of in-demand skill set and specific flashy certification, to justify a particular job role, the salary raise happens on its own.
3. Some IT Certifications are better than others
Although, there are many certifications in the market, however, only few carries influence in the industry. Industry veterans say that not all certification create equal paycheck impact. Here is the list of top IT certifications as we move ahead into 2011.
• Project Management Professional Certification
• Microsoft’s Certified Systems Engineers Certification
• CompTIA A+ Certification
• CCNA Certification (Cisco Certified Network Associates)

• MCITP Certification (Microsoft Certified Professionals)
• CompTIA Network + Certification
• CISSP Certification
• CISA Certification
• Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Certification
• ITIL Certification
• CompTIA Security + Certification
• VMware Certification

4. Personal Branding and implementing soft skills
IT professionals already have an awful rapport for having poor people skills. Hence, organizations are taking initiatives to improve the prevailing situation. Some IT major, including CompTIA has gone as far as to include the soft skills and mandate for clearing the certification. Employers are taking special note of one’s soft skills in the interview and hiring process. The key points are verbal communications, mutual respect and listening skills.
5. Growth in MCITP certification benefits
IT industry has started accepting to the Microsoft MCITP certification. Initially, the adoption rate was slow; however now, MCITP has grown and outshined MCSE into premier certification of its own. Professionals gain more economically. The overall data shows that Microsoft’s production is showing that the demand for the MCITP has grown tremendously.
6. MCITP Server Administrator
Average salary for professionals certified in this technology in 2010 is $86,232 vs. 2008 $83,506. The main focus is on profile and monitor servers, management of infrastructure and web and app servers, as well as the server OS, file and directory services.
7. MCITP Enterprise Administrator
Average salary for professionals certified in this technology in 2010 is 97,105 vs. 2008 Average Salary which was $86,825. Professionals gain knowledge in decision making for networking, directory services, security, contingency and more.
8. VOIP demands
The demands and implementation of VOIP technology has led new and improved voice certification. Cisco has rebranded few certification programs in which CCNP Voice Certification (previously known as the CCVP) has introduced. Also, CompTIA is touching newer shores with CompTIA CTP+ certification.
9. Department of Defense DOD
In the landscape of IT hiring Department of Defense Directive 8570.1 had been very influential, which is required to be continued in 2011. The directive indicate that all Department of Defense technical staff, contractors and managers hold prescribed certifications in order to maintain the integrity of the military’s important data.
10. Diverse skills

Among the skills where growth is expected in 2011 include:
• Technological Proficiency
• Security
• Networking
• Infrastructure Support
• Electronic Medical Records
• Programming
• Business Mindset

11. Storage+ certification to increase in value
Another significant area to look out this year is storage. As we accumulate more and more data, the importance of being able to store and safeguard that data increases. CompTIA has partnered with SNIA to bring a new storage certification to cater the needs for storage expertise. Look for the new CompTIA Storage+ certification to increase in value in 2011 and lead to additional storage-based IT credentials.

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Microsoft TS: Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, Configuring Exam Training guide

According to understand, Certkingdom Microsoft 70-656 study guide because visible effect, deeply office worker’s favor. So the Japanese pop Certkingdom 70-656 study guides agitation, in our circle also gradually popular white-collar.

Another key feature that makes Certkingdom’s value pack important is that is has all 70-656 simulation in it that are very important. These important features in the Certkingdom value pack has increased its importance for passing Microsoft certification 70-656 test with top ranks.

Certkingdom made different training tools and resources to prepare Microsoft Certification 70-656 exam. The preparation guide includes courses, books, practice test, test engine and free pdf download. Our exam questions and answers reflect the questions asked in the 70-656 exam.

To match the current real test, the technical team from Microsoft certification Braindumps will update the Questions and Answers for any changes in time, and also we are always accepting the feedbacks about Microsoft 70-656 exam from our users, in specialty, we will mend the 70-656 exam pool with the suggestions from those users who got full scores in 70-656 exam, so to perfect Microsoft Braindumps 70-656 to make it always have the best quality!

Provided in PDF format, it contains 70-656 exam question and answers that you may encounter in real 70-656 exam. These questions are a perfect and proven way to get success in any Microsoft Certification certification exams. This 70-656 pdf comprehensively covers all syllabus areas and contains explanations for complicated problems. 70-656 questions and answers pdf is essential to polish your skills and mind set for real exam challenges.

Certkingdom is very confident on their study materials that it will give you 100% guaranteed success but it all depends on the candidate that how much time they devote for 70-656 classes and for the preparation of Microsoft Certification exam. Once you go through the Certkingdom 70-656 training materials thoroughly, it’s guaranteed that you will pass your exam at the first shot.

Certkingdom is a leader in producing updated quality based study materials for IT Professions and Students. Our practice 70-656 study materials helps you overcome your Microsoft Certification 70-656 exam fear. Our Microsoft 70-656 study materials resembles the actual one helping you pass the Microsoft 70-656 certification exam with more confidence.

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Certkingdom Microsoft UPG : Transition Your MCPD Wind Dev Skill to MCPD Wind Dev 3.5 Exam braindumps- 73-566 exam

Certkingdom the absolute way to pass your 73-566 exam within no time. An authentic and comprehensive 73-566 exam solution is available at Certkingdom. With our exclusive online 73-566 preparation material you will pass 73-566 exam easily. Certkingdom guarantees 100% success rate.

Microsoft certification.With the Microsoft collection of questions and answers, has assembled to take you through *** Q&As to your 73-566 Exam preparation. In the 73-566 exam resources, you will cover every field and category in Microsoft Technology Foundations helping to ready you for your successful Microsoft Certification.

We designed Certkingdom 73-566 Simulation kit to help you get certified effortlessly. Now you don’t need to spend your time and money searching for Certkingdom 73-566 study materials, books, etc., Certkingdom 73-566 exam simulation contains everything you need to get certified. Just follow the instructions, focus on the exam questions and getting certified will be easy.
MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

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Certkingdom is maintained and run by a team of IT experts who administer and give a diversity of useful material, which will help the students to achieve the success is famous for the study materials it offers for 73-566. You can also download 73-566 actual exam questions.

You can be sure of getting the most detailed and accurate Microsoft Certification 73-566 Certification Training Tools from us. Our 73-566 Certification are economical and comprehensive. Our Training Tools are updated regularly with the changing Certification Exam Objectives to give you the latest Certification Exam Study Material.

We prepare the 73-566 exam format so they give you a feel of the real exam for the 73-566 certificate. Certkingdom 73-566 study guide replicate real exam scenarios i.e. conditions, situations, and questions etc..

73-566 exam offered by Microsoft have international value and acceptance. Like other world-known certifications, Microsoft Certification has also an extensive range of its IT certifications. People all over the world like to opt for 73-566 certification to make their careers more strengthened and successful. At Certkingdom, you can choose the product most suited to your learning abilities. Certkingdom has a wide array to offer, so that every individual has something to choose from.

Microsoft 73-566 certification helps not only to improve your knowledge and skills, but it also helps your career, gives a possibility for qualified usage of 73-566 exam products under different conditions. Certkingdom gives you possibility to work in any country of the world because they are acknowledged in all countries equally.

73-566 is a Microsoft Certification exams are popular among other things, the rise of IT industry inside job skills test, you can understand that Certkingdom up-to-date information, as well as examination of the details of the examination, Certkingdom this huge project for you. At the same time providing convenient examination will better optimize the service for you to create a better learning platform to help you pass the exam successfully!

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Google raises ante for next Chrome hacking contest to $2M

Google yesterday said it will pay up to $2 million for major vulnerabilities in its Chrome browser at a second Pwnium hacking contest this fall.

Pwn2Own, a rival contest sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, will award as much as $200,000 in a mobile-specific challenge slated to run several weeks earlier.

Google’s Pwnium 2 will take place at the Hack In The Box security conference on Oct. 10 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Like the inaugural Pwnium, which Google sponsored in March at the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, the upcoming challenge will pit researchers against the then-current version of Chrome. Vulnerability and exploit experts who demonstrate exploits of previously-unknown bugs will be eligible for awards of up to $60,000 for each flaw.

For what Google calls a “full Chrome exploit” — one that successfully hacks Chrome on Windows 7 using only vulnerabilities in Chrome itself — Google will pay $60,000 — the same amount it handed out at the first Pwnium.

A partial exploit that uses one bug within Chrome and one or more others — perhaps in Windows — will earn a researcher $50,000, a 25% increase over the same category in the CanSecWest contest. Finally, Google will pay $40,000 for any “non-Chrome” exploit that doesn’t involve the browser, but reveals a flaw in, for example, Windows or Adobe’s Flash Player — which is bundled with Chrome.

Google also added a new class of awards for incomplete exploits. “We want to reward people who get ‘part way’ as we could definitely learn from this work,” Chris Evans, a software engineer on the Chrome security team, said in a Wednesday post to Google’s Chromium Blog. “Our rewards panel will judge any such works as generously as we can.”

The company committed up to $2 million total to Pwnium 2, twice the maximum it risked for the original. It’s unlikely it will end up paying anywhere near $2 million; in March, it wrote checks totaling $120,000, or 12% of the $1 million limit.

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To claim any award except in the “incomplete” category, researchers must not only pinpoint the vulnerability but also provide working exploit code to Google.

Evans repeated what Google had said earlier, that the original Pwn2Own was a success. “We were able to make Chromium significantly stronger based on what we learned,” he said, referring to the name of the open-source project run by Google that then feeds code into Chrome itself

Both researchers who won $60,000 prizes at the March event — Sergey Glazunov and someone identified only as “PinkiePie” — also took home the Pwnie Award last month in the “Best Client-Side Bug” category for their Chrome work.

Another hacking contest will take place several weeks before Pwnium 2.

HP’s TippingPoint will run a mobile-only version of its annual Pwn2Own in Amsterdam Sept. 19-20 at the EUSecWest security conference, where hackers will face off against Apple, Nokia, RIM and Samsung smartphones.

TippingPoint’s Zero Day Initiative bug-buying program will host the event, with help from sponsors AT&T and RIM, the struggling maker of the BlackBerry. Prizes total $200,000, a record for Pwn2Own, with the top-dollar award of $100,000 going to the first researcher who demonstrates a hack of cellular baseband, the silicon inside mobile phones that connects them to carrier networks.

Other rewards will be handed out to the first to hack NFC (near field communication), the communications protocol being promoted for mobile payments, and SMS (short message service), the text-messaging service.

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The Best Microsoft 70-528 Exam Training materials

70-528 exam study guide is carefully organized at Certkingdom by the highly Professional Microsoft certified. At Certkingdom you will be able to find very much exam related materials for 70-528 exam. Just download the Certkingdom Microsoft 70-528 Practice Questions & Answers, Microsoft Certification 70-528 Practice Test Software.

For a limited time only, buy the full set of Microsoft 70-528 exam study materials. Reinvest that money in you victory dance, after you become the next Microsoft Certification from passing your 70-528 exam.

Certkingdom Microsoft 70-528 braindumps will guide you through the path of your destination in blink of an eye. Easy to understand and learn, from Certkingdom Microsoft Certification 70-528 braindumps are also available in PDF format, so that the candidate can learn and understand from his certification course in a better way. Our 70-528 braindumps allow students to prepare for their exam the way they want to.
MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

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Microsoft Certification 70-528 exam is known for its worldwide value and integrity. 70-528 exam are fashioned in such way that with some hardcore work and determination anyone will be able to fulfill their hesitation toward their career.

Microsoft Certification 70-528 exam is the most important, prominent and well known assessment test to check candidate’s ability for qualifying. The questions is how you can prepare yourself for this exam to make sure 100% success in your final appearance? The answer is very simple, learn eBooks recommended by if you have proper time and try our 70-528 practice test if you are looking for the fastest way to get success and couldn’t just manage to get time from your busy schedule.

Certkingdom is the absolute way to pass your 70-528 exam within no time. An authentic and comprehensive 70-528 exam solution is available at Certkingdom. With our exclusive online 70-528 study materials you will pass 70-528 exam easily. Certkingdom guarantees 100% success rate.

Apart from general information and study tips, you can find also websites which contain study material like 70-528 braindumps and 70-528 exam. Most of the study material is offered in the form of Questions and Answers pattern on the different aspects of the certification exam. Certkingdom study material is presented with the full authenticity of the contents; hence, it remains quite helpful for the candidates.

Here are too many advantages of passing Microsoft 70-528 exam. If you are already working as an IT professional in some enterprise, your success in Microsoft Certification 70-528 exam will not enhance your existing career but it will also open up your career opportunities in other enterprises.

We provides high quality Microsoft Certification 70-528 Test Dumps. It is the best and the latest Microsoft Practice Exams. Furthermore, we are constantly updating our Certkingdom 70-528 Exam. These Exam Resources updates are supplied free of charge to Certkingdom customers. If you have any question about Certkingdom 70-528 Test Dumps, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Mail Server Benchmarking with MAPSMailer

Maps Mailer is an interactive console application designed to stress test your incoming and outgoing and Mail servers.
It works by connecting to your SMTP server and from there generates a large volume of mails to be received by your incoming mail server.
Once the benchmark cycle completes, MAPSMailer will display the total mails transmitted per second and the bandwidth consumed.

Application Use:
As a mail server administrator it’s beneficial to know just how much load your servers can handle.
This tool can assist you in knowing what the peak operating rate is of your incoming and outgoing mail servers. Additionally it can assist you in identifying network bottlenecks and helps you measure the result of your mail server configuration changes.

Application Platform:
This tool has been written for the windows platform using the .net framework version 2. Any fairly recent OS like XP SP2+, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 2008 comes preloaded with the .net framework version 2.

Comptia A+ Training, Comptia A+ certification
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Application Files:
There are two files. The main executable and the configuration file.
1. MAPSM.exe
2. MAPSM.exe.config

The configuration is contained in an xml called app.xml.
Here you set your SMTP username, passwords, port number, SSL flag, sender and recipient address fields.

<?xml version=”1.0″?>

<!– server settings –>

<add key=”SMTPServer” value=”” /> <!– ip or hostname of your outgoing mail server –>
<add key=”SMTPUsername” value=”” /> <!– leave blank if no username required –>
<add key=”SMTPPassword” value=”” /> <!– leave blank if no password required –>
<add key=”SMTPUsesSSL” value=”” /> <!– yes or no –>
<add key=”SMTPPort” value=”” /> <!– –>

<!– message settings –>

<add key=”MessageFrom” value=””/> <!– –>
<add key=”MessageTo” value=””/> <!– –>
<add key=”MessageSub” value=””/> <!– mail subject line –>

<startup><supportedRuntime version=”v2.0.50727″/></startup></configuration>

Running the application:
Once you configuration is setup. Run the application.
You will be prompted to set the maximum concurrent SMTP connections the program can use.
The benchmark will run for approximately 30 seconds after which you are presented with statistics covering the total mails that where sent per second, minute and hour along with the estimated network bandwidth consumption.

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Windows 8 Update: OS gets friendly with Linux

Microsoft works out rift with Linux community over dual boot issue; video efficiency; latest on Windows RT

s initial boot security for Windows 8 made it hard to start other operating systems on Win8 machines, but the company has worked out a way for Linux and other OSes to clear the secure boot sequence on such devices.

The secure boot, called Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), requires a key for the boot firmware to hand off to the operating system, the idea being to make sure the operating system isn’t corrupt.

Microsoft’s initial UEFI implementation was restrictive by making it difficult for non-Windows operating systems to get their keys included in the firmware, says Tim Burke, vice president of Linux engineering for Red Hat, in a blog. But that’s all been cleared up with some cooperation among interested parties, he says.

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Linus Torvalds
Now the keys can be registered via Microsoft key signing and registry services for $99. That way participating vendors can get their keys accepted by the machines so their OSes will boot. “I’m certainly not a huge UEFI fan, but at the same time I see why you might want to have signed bootup etc,” Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds (pictured) is quoted as saying in the ZDNet Linux and Open Source blog. “And if it’s only $99 to get a key for Fedora, I don’t see what the huge deal is.”
Power sipping video hardware

Windows 8-certified hardware will offload video decoding to a hardware subsystem, according to the Building Windows 8 blog.

“This allows us to significantly lower CPU usage, resulting in smoother video playback and a longer battery life, as the dedicated media hardware is much more efficient than the CPU at media decoding,” Scott Manchester, group program manager for Microsoft’s Media Platform and Technologies team, writes in the blog. “This improves all scenarios that require video decoding, including playback, transcoding, encoding, and capture scenarios.”

A chart in the blog (below) indicates the hardware will call for a half to a third of the CPUs needed by Windows 7 for the same video tasks.

Chrome for Metro
Google’s Chrome browser is getting tuned up to support Windows 8 in both desktop and Metro modes. Presumably, it won’t be much challenge to get the browser to run in desktop mode since Microsoft says any app that run on Windows 7 runs on Windows 8.

But it’s a little more challenging to fit it out to handle Metro and all its touch features. The company has been working on it since March, and says, “Over the next few months, we’ll be smoothing out the UI on Metro and improving touch support, so please feel free to file bugs.”

Samples of the browser will be available with the next Chrome Dev channel release, but the company doesn’t say when that is. It also takes the opportunity to restate it’s complaint that Chrome is banned from Windows RT, the ARM version of Windows 8 “Chrome won’t run in WinRT, i.e. Windows 8 on ARM processors, as Microsoft is not allowing browsers other than Internet Explorer on the platform,” Google says.
Qualcomm is down with Windows RT
Qaulcomm says it is making ARM chips designed for Windows RT devices — the Windows 8 combo of operating system, limited Microsoft Office and hardware that won’t run x86 applications. The chips are called Snapdragon S4 Pro.

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70-664 Q&A / Study Guide / Testing Engine / Videos

MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

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You work as a Network Administrator at You have been asked to deploy Lync Server
2010 as a VOIP telephony and video conferencing solution for the company.
Company management is concerned about the possible network load imposed by the VoIP and
video conferencing features of Lync Server 2010.
To manage the network bandwidth used by the system, you configure Call Admission Control.
How can you enable the Call Admission Control feature?

A. By running the Set-CsNetworkInterSitePolicy cmdlet.
B. By running the Set-CsNetworkConfiguration cmdlet.
C. By running the Set-CsCpsConfiguration cmdlet.
D. By running the Set-CsVoiceConfiguration cmdlet.

Answer: B


You work as a Network Administrator at The company’s communication system is
provided by a Lync Server 2010 infrastructure.
You have configured a bandwidth policy to limit the network bandwidth used by real-time audio
and video sessions.
You want to override the policy for the Managing Director of the company.
What type of policy should you create first to enable you to override the bandwidth policy for the
Managing Director?

A. You should first create a Conferencing Policy.
B. You should first create a Client Version Policy.
C. You should first create a Voice Policy.
D. You should first create an External Access Policy.

Answer: C


You work as a Network Administrator at You are configuring a new Lync Server 2010 infrastructure.
You want the company phone number to be displayed in the format +11112222333 when users on
the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) receive calls from users using the Lync Server
Which cmdlet should you run?

A. You should run the Set-CsVoiceConfiguration cmdlet.
B. You should run the Set-CsNetworkInterSitePolicy cmdlet.
C. You should run the Set-CsVoicePolicy cmdlet.
D. You should run the Set-CsLocationPolicy cmdlet.

Answer: C


Your work as a Network Administrator at includes the management of the Lync Server
2010 infrastructure.
The Lync Server 2010 infrastructure includes a Mediation Server pool that includes three servers
named Certkingdom-Med1, Certkingdom-Med2 and Certkingdom-Med3.
You need to take Certkingdom-Med3 offline for maintenance.
Which two of the following steps should you perform to allow you to take Certkingdom-Med3 offline without
disconnecting any current calls in progress?

A. Navigate to the Lync Server 2010 Topology Builder.
B. Navigate to the Lync Server 2010 Control Panel.
C. Modify the properties of the Mediation Pool.
D. Modify the properties of Certkingdom-Med3.
E. Create a new Mediation Pool.

Answer: B,D


You work as a Network Administrator at You are in the process of deploying a Lync
Server 2010 infrastructure for the company.
You have configured dial-in conferencing and verified that it is functioning properly.
You now want to notify users about the availability of the feature. The notification should include
introductory instructions such as the initial PIN and the link to the Dial-in Conferencing Settings
What is the easiest way to send the notification with the required information to the users?

A. Open the Lync Management Shell and run the New-CsAnnouncement cmdlet.
B. Open the Lync Management Shell and run the Set-CsPinSendCAWelcomeMail cmdlet.
C. Open the Lync Management Shell and run the New-CsConferenceDirectory cmdlet.
D. Open the Lync Management Shell and run the New-CsConferencingConfiguration cmdlet.

Answer: B


MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

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