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1Y0-A26: Citrix XenServer 6.0 Administration

When starting up a XenServer from SAN, the BIOS of the ___________ contains the instructions
that enable the host to find the boot disk. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. host machine
B. array controller
C. host bus adapter
D. network interface card

Answer: C


An administrator is setting up the XenServer hosts in an environment to boot from SAN.
In which BIOS would the administrator go to enable XenServer to boot from SAN?

A. Host
B. Array controller
C. Network interface card
D. Primary host bus adapter

Answer: D


Scenario: An administrator notices a duplex mismatch on the network interface card (NIC) which is
configured as the management interface.
The administrator realizes that the switch was set to 100 full, but XenServer auto-configured the
NIC to 100 half, autoneg=on.
How can the administrator ensure the XenServer host does NOT auto-configure the NIC in the future?

A. Change the NIC properties in the xsconsole.
B. Use the xe pif-configure-ip command to disable auto-configuration.
C. Use the xe pif-param-set command to set other-config:ethtool-autoneg=off.
D. Assign a new NIC to the management interface within the XenCenter Network tab.

Answer: C


Scenario: To improve performance and increase security, a network team will be moving all
XenServer hosts into a more secure, and high resiliency subnet. The administrator must now
change the subnet mask on all XenServer hosts to match the new network:
Which command will the administrator need to execute on each host?

A. xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid= mode=dhcp netmask=
B. xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid= mode=static netmask=
C. xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid= mode=dhcp netmask=
D. xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid= mode=static netmask=

Answer: B


Scenario: An administrator is moving a XenServer host from the New York datacenter to the
London datacenter. During the installation of XenServer, the default NTP settings were selected.
How must the administrator ensure that the XenServer host has the correct time settings?

A. Configure the time in the host BIOS.
B. Configure the time zone in the ntp.conf file.
C. Change the time zone using the xsconsole.
D. Change the NTP servers to the London NTP servers.

Answer: C


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