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Requirements For 70-620 Exam

This examination will target the IT professionals who have work experience or knowledge in solving microsoft exams issues in the network connectivity, desktop operating system and other issues related with desktop applications. Candidates can get several job opportunities in the top companies after certifying with this examination. Some of the job roles include: technical support specialists, network administrators, system administrators and system analysts etc.


Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+ Exams at

The following are the exam 70-620 objectives and they are:
1) Network connectivity configuration
2) Windows security features configuration
3) Upgrading as well as installing windows vista
4) Troubleshooting as well as configuring the mobile computing
5) Configuring the applications that are included in windows vista
6) Optimizing as well as maintaining systems that run windows vista
7) Troubleshooting and configuring post installation system settings

Exams can be registered MCITP certification in Pearson VUE centers or in online through Pearson VUE website by paying the fee. The exam comprises of 70 questions with 120 minutes time duration and no adaptive or case study type questions. Only multiple choices, drag- drop, built a tree, reorder type questions are asked. Minimum score to pass in the exam is around 700 out of 1000 (70%).

Microsoft’s MCTS: Windows Vista, Configuration (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) certification is a latest certification on the Windows Vista technology. The MCTS: Windows Vista,Configuration certification has been designed for professionals who have a thorough knowledge in installing, managing and configuring Windows Vista including new features such as security,network, and applications.

Candidates for Exam 70-620: TS: Windows Vista, Configuring, should have at least one year of experience in the IT field. They typically provide phone support at the tier-1 or tier-2 level in a wide range of environments, including retail stores and the medium-sized organization or enterprise environment.

Candidates should have experience resolving issues concerning network connectivity, desktop operating systems, security, and applications. Their experience should also include addressing logon problems, performing password resets, and resolving free Microsoft practice questions most issues with desktop applications.

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Get All IT Certifications for just $50

Microsoft Certified Professional MCITP Certification refers to all individuals who have completed a Professional certification by Microsoft. The program itself is designed for employment of office environment, scientific computing and desktop/professional technicians in both repair shop and corporate engineering workshop environment. Likewise to Apple, Cisco, Oracle, Red Hat, Sun, Ubuntu programs, these certifications mainly focus on their respective product, as opposed to employment aptitude tests designed for programmer trainee jobs. These branches of technical series with the MC (Microsoft Certified) prefix include IT Professional (MCITP), architect (MCA), Professional Developer (MCPD), Technology Specialist (MCTS), Systems Administrator (MCSA), Systems Engineer (MCSE), Solution Developer (MCSD) and Database Administrator (MCDBA).


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Each exam costs approximately $125 USD. Exams usually take between 2 and 3 hours to complete and consist of between 40 and 90 multiple choice, drag and drop, solution building questions and simulated content within exams where students are required to perform certain common administrative tasks appropriate for the topic at hand.

MCSE stands for “Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer”. It is the most widely known Microsoft certification and it is available for Windows 2000 and Windows server 2003. Each has a different set of examinations. MCSE qualified persons have the ability to provide business solutions by designing and implementing the required infrastructure.MCTS: Windows 7, Configuration is useful for technical support & systems engineers, technical consultants, network and systems analysts and also for regular software engineers.

There are many ways of obtaining MCSE training, including training at local training center. MCSE training can also be done at home by CD-ROMS or through books. The courses usually have extensive content and basic tutorials can guide you to pass the examination if you have a basic knowledge of Microsoft systems.

There are lots of benefits of free practice tests like industry recognition, access to technical and product information directly from Microsoft, discounts on products and services, Microsoft paraphernalia like MCSE logo, certificate, transcript etc. However the immediate and most important benefit is the increase in market value of the person and boost in career for software professionals.

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CertKingdom Microsoft 70-297 exam

One of the a lot of accepted tests a part of the six is the Microsoft MCSE 2003 exams test. Some alarm it the best accepted and a lot of advantageous test, and assorted affairs are bare if you’re absorbed in demography it. It’s so active that the aggregation created a MCSE cossack affected a few years ago, and now abounding added companies accept followed clothing and accept their own accelerated MCSE cossack camps as well. You can acquisition abounding of them as both online and in-person training, and the fee is about $4000-$6000 for two anniversary courses. Abounding administration will awning the bulk of this chic if you break with the aggregation for a while afterwards you advance yourself. If you wish a beneath structured and beneath big-ticket adjustment advancing for the MCSE test, computer training videos are addition abundant way to do it. They usually bulk beneath than $1000 for a set of CDs and books and you can watch them whenever you accept the time. This way is absolute for anyone who already has a job and can not allow to yield time off that job to alternation for addition career.


Best Microsoft MCTS Training, Microsoft MCITP Training at

However, these two means decay time and money! You aswell accept addition option. You can accept your exams taken by proxy. These companies accept a appropriate account for professionals that are absorbed to save some time or money and just wish to get the acceptance action over with bound and afterwards any problems.

Regardless which adjustment of advancing for the 70-297 Exam you choose, they accept accurate to be acknowledged if the participants pay absorption and abstraction hard. It’s important to accept by the bulk you can allow to spend, how abundant chargeless time you accept to do it, and which adjustment you about prefer. Afterwards accomplishing the research, bigger aces what the best way is for you and get started!

The Microsoft 70-297 Practice tests that we can accommodate are based on the all-encompassing analysis and real-world adventures from our online trainers, with over 10 years of IT and acceptance experience. Custom accounting agreeable for on-the-go professionals such as yourself. 70-297 assay training, including 70-297 questions and answers augment into our beyond artifact base. You can aswell adore 70-297 abstraction Guides, 70-297 alertness Labs, and the new and bigger 70-297 Audio Exams to canyon certification(s) MCSE, MCSE 2003, MCSE 2003 Messaging.

For a bound time only, buy the abounding set of Microsoft 70-297 assay training materials, and save 10% on your purchase. Reinvest that money in you achievement dance, afterwards you become the next Microsoft acceptance holder from casual your 70-297 exam.

The 70-297 assay measures your adeptness to architecture a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and arrangement infrastructure. This assay is targeted against IT professionals who plan in the about circuitous accretion ambiance of average to ample companies and accept at atomic one year of acquaintance implementing and administering a Free A+ practice exams arrangement operating system.

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Sold by weight, not by volume

So I’m sitting at the breakfast table this morning doing what 99.85% of Americans do every morning.  Read the cereal box.  And in the corner it says, “Sold by weight, not by volume.”  So I ask my daughter, “how many people do you think actually know what that means?”  She says to me, probably very few.  So then something else occurred to me.  I looked over at the misses and said, “With me you got lucky.  You go both weight and volume.”  Ha!  Now that was puny or punny as the case may be….  BID.


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Then another random thought pooped into my head.  What is there that has no weight or volume?  Well, hm.  I know!  Diputs SEO companies.  Absolutely no value what so ever.  Pure marketing fluff.  Kind of like eating a marshmallow.  It’s bad for you, gives you that empty feeling and is mostly just sugar.  Nothing of value.  Not unlike the unmentionables at the Fat Burning Furnace scam.  A lot of empty pages, all saying the same thing, but in the end, you walk away with that kind of empty feeling inside.  Almost as if someone skimmed all of the cream off of the top, and all they left you with is skim milk to put on your hollow empty crispy rice serial.  Just plain nasty.  And don’t tell me you don’t know what I am talking about.  Remember, statistics are on my side.

So where are you going with this Inoun?

I am glad you asked.

Well, it’s about statistical combinations.  Picture this for a moment.  SEO companies keep cranking out garbage that nobody really wants, and pretty soon, the entire Internet has turned into, well, the “stay puffed marshmallow man.”

The only thing that even closely compares with THAT, is bloatware.  And you know what I am talking about there.  Software that is so big that your computer litter Ali cries when you turn it on.  You know that sound it makes.  Most tech guys will tell you it is a fan that is going out, or a bearing on the hard drive that is whining, but I still stand by my original story.  The computer is crying.

Serially?  I figured it out this morning.  Some of you may be a little young for this, but you used to have to swap floppy disks in and out of the floppy drive to install software.  Yes, this was before flash drives, dvd’s, cd’s, or vinyl records.  For some reason, the opening scene of 2001 a Space Odyssey currently comes to mind.  In other words, long before your time.  My daughter found a brand new box of floppies at the place she works, bought them, and gave them to me a couple of days ago.  I have them sitting right here.  BID.

Do you know how many floppies it would take to install my video driver?  186.  I can just see it now.  The boss says to me, “What happened last week?  Why didn’t you get more billable hours?  Hm?  Hm?”  My answer?  “I was installing a new video driver on my machine.  There was a security issue, and the IT guys forced me to do an upgrade.”

To read the average floppy used to take about 2 minutes.  So that would mean it would take you just over 6 hours to install an updated video driver.  With the quantities of security updates coming out every day, it’s a wonder we get anything done at all.  I can just see it now, “Hi honey, how was your day?  Oh fine.  What did you do?  I installed a video driver, and was forced to install the latest Flash update, which comes out about every 3 hours on any given day.  Really, how’s that workin out fur ya?  Well, being an engineer, I went out and bought a pet monkey, trained him to swap floppies, left some rice crispies and skim milk on the counter for him, and he is swapping the disks as we speak.  I am hoping to start on Adobe’s PDF Reader tomorrow.”

But to add insult to injury, I went and looked at the actual size of the video driver?  You know, the one that actually displays the stuff on the screen?  12MB’s.  The rest apparently was created by the legal, accounting, and marketing departments and the fine SEO scam fat boys at the fat burning furnace.

But don’t worry about it, it’s just a little phlegm.

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With so many online resources offering 70-297 test questions, it can be difficult to select the 70-297 practice test that is best for you. ActualKey is your premier source for your 70-297 test. With every purchase of our 70-297 practice test, you will receive the exam 70-297 questions and answers in 2 formats. One as a 70-297 PDF which is printable and also a 70-297 Testing Engine, which acts as a great 70-297 simulator. No other vendor will be able to compare to ActualKey for quality 70-297 practice tests or 70-297 exam prep guides.

Looking for 70-297 cram materials? Do you have unsolved questions. Our 70-297 practice questions provide you everything you will need to take your 70-297 test and go beyond the MCSE 2003 exams 70-297 passing score. The 70-297 Exam details are researched and produced by Professional Certification Experts who are constantly using industry experience to produce precise, logical and verified answers.

ActualKey’s 70-297 Practice Test Questions are precise, logical and verified by expert senior certified staff at ActualKey. ActualKey’s 70-297 practice exam provides you with an examination experience like no other. To take a more authentic exam, you would have to take the exam itself, in an exam testing center!

Many others have called our 70-297 practice exam questions by other names, so to clear any confusion this may have caused, here is a list of all the similar names that you can refer to our 70-297 practice exam with. 70-297 tips, 70-297 practice exam questions, 70-297 practice exam, 70-297 study guide, 70-297 study notes, 70-297 download. ActualKey 70-297 practice exam is guaranteed to be 100% braindump free. We value the quality of training you will receive through our 70-297 practice exam and will never support 70-297 braindumps, 70-297 dumps torrent or any 70-297 brain dump site. 70-297 braindump sites cannot compare to the understanding, learning and comprehension you will gain from a non 70-297 brain dumps site. This is based on facts and case studies, like ActualKey. Don’t waste your 70-297 exam fees on other vendors resources, free Microsoft practice exam questions is the best source to score higher than the required 70-297 pass score.

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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for week ending May 27

The anticipation of iPhone 5, iOS 5 or Something Big Anyway is mounting as Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which starts June 6, draws nearer.

This week: There will be no iPhone 5 launch at WWDC because of a fire at one of Apple’s partner assembly plants, triggering panic among bloggers; there will be an iPhone 5 launch at WWDC because Apple is inviting British journalists and casting a TV commercial; iPhone 5 is already out there being tested but you can’t tell because it looks just like the existing iPhone 4; and you will be able to tell because iPhone 5 will have a concave glass screen.
The Date, Part 1: No iPhone 5 launch at WWDC


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There is no, zero, nada chance of iPhone 5 being released in June, BeatWeek assures us. Why, you ask? Because of an explosion and fire a week ago at the Foxconn manufacturing plant where the iPhone, and the iPad, are built. The fire “should put to bed the pipe dream that saw Apple somehow introducing the iPhone 5 a mere six weeks after first shipping the white iPhone 4,” BeatWeek sneeringly concluded.

But just to cover all the bases, BeatWeek also said, “But even if Apple were planning to secretly launch the iPhone 5 in June, those plans would certainly have to be scuttled after the factory damage.”

The use of the word “certainly” when it comes to rumors and unfounded speculation is always good for a laugh.


Gizmodo had a brief official statement from Foxconn, which didn’t do much to clarify exactly what had blown up and burned, how bad the damage was, or whether there really would be any impact on either current iPad 2 shipments or on the iPhone 5 rollout.

The prospect of delay panicked some folks, like Derick Lemay, at The Red 99. The despair was almost palpable in his post:

“All we can hope is that Foxconn can get their plant up and running as soon as possible. Otherwise we may not be seeing a new generation iPhone at all in 2011.”

2011: The Year of the Lost iPhone.

But by last Sunday, two days after the fire, MacRumors was linking to a reassuring China Times story (in Chinese) which claimed that “sources” were saying that “production of iPad 2 would not be delayed and related iPhone devices [could this be iPhone 5?] and new iPad products would still be in mass production in the third quarter.”
The Date, Part 2: iPhone 5 will be launched at WWDC

We know this because 1) Apple is inviting British journalists to the WWDC in San Francisco, and 2) a casting call was posted on Craigslist looking for actors to appear in an iPhone 5 TV commercial.

U.K. tech site Mobile Pig tackled the issue head-on: “If you believe the rumours currently fizzing down Britain’s broadband pipes, Apple has pretty much put the kibosh on iPhone 5 — at least for 2011.”

That statement actually qualifies as a separate rumor all on its own.

“But if that’s the case,” Mobile Pig triumphantly asked, “why is Apple’s public relations department — specifically the team dedicated to all things iPhone — reaching out to selected British journalists in an effort to persuade them to attend Apple’s WWDC developer jamboree on 6-10 June?”

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Digital Marketing Analyst

Position Overview: The Digital Marketing Analyst is a highly analytical and strategic thinker with a passion for digital innovation and data driven marketing results. You have an in-depth knowledge of all things digital and you are comfortable with large sets of digital data. Youre particularly interested in piecing the digital data puzzle together to get a more complete picture of customer behavior ” especially social behavior. You love learning, solving problems and working in a field that is constantly changing. Primary responsibilities involve analytics, social listening and research around trends, vendor offerings, and emerging technologies supporting web, social and mobile.


Best Microsoft MCTS Training, Microsoft MCITP Training at




Responsible for results interpretation and creating recommendations that guide the media and creative strategy
Manages measurement systems for data capture and reporting, including assessment, identification, and implementation of data sources and tracking requirements
Main Point of contact between Global Data team and Integrated Media for consumer research.
Maintain a comprehensive knowledge of trends and emerging technologies in the digital marketing space. Recommend alternative ways to leverage these tools to the advantage of our customers, our programs and our values.
Build business cases (including financial models) to analyze and determine viability of new initiatives
Author points of view documents on upcoming trends and identify opportunities to leverage new technologies
Tap secondary research sources and competitive landscapes in order to derive insights that drive strategy
Build relationships with vendors and internal team members. Profitably manage projects and vendors. Managing multiple projects and deadlines in a fast-paced environment.


Passion for Whole Foods Market and what makes us unique.
Genuine interest in food and the natural foods industry.
Bachelors Degree required
Experience in interactive analytics ” display, email, website, search, social
Experience analyzing large digital data sets
Familiarity with social data ” social listening, Facebook open graph, SEO, etc.
Proven experience using your digital analytics skills to identify customer behavior insights
Experience translating data analysis into actionable marketing recommendations and presentations ” proficiency in PowerPoint is required.
High intellectual curiosity, drive, determination, self-confidence and persuasion skills.
Understand, conceptually, the underlying technology used to deliver web, mobile, and social media components (FB, Flash, HTML, SEO, Software and Database mgt principals)
Knowledge of web measurement technologies such as: website analytics software (e.g.Omniture) , paid search engine marketing data sources (e.g., Google Analytics)
Knowledge of social listening tools such as Radian 6, Neilson Buzz Metrics and Social Radar.
Knowledge of syndicated media research & systems (Nielsen, comScore, MRI, Scarborough) a plus.
Knowledge of Ad media planning and buying a plus.
Must office in Austin, Texas.
$55-65k annually
Apply by

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CertKingdom Microsoft 70-620 Answers

Microsoft Computer Based Training, or CertKingdom 70-620 practice test as it is also known, is a rapidly expanding venue for career, professional, and personal development. Choosing CertKingdom products and services for 70-620 materials has proven time and again to be a Microsoft 70-620 cost reducer and time saver. Individual package purchases defeat Microsoft 70-620 books on price points alone, and are monumentally faster to consume mentally. Whereas a typical Microsoft 70-620 book can take literally weeks to pour through, a professional TS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Configuring online test can take as little or as much time as you require.


Best Microsoft MCTS Training, Microsoft MCITP Training at

CertKingdom Microsoft 70-620 online training can literally take a few minutes to complete, as you set your own rules and settings in our Microsoft 70-620 download software. More than just another Microsoft 70-620 free PDF, the CertKingdom advantage comes in multiple forms, where training products can be purchased individually, or at a significant savings in our Microsoft 70-620 quiz bundle packages.

Each and every CertKingdom 70-620 exam preparation tool is backed by our pass guarantee. You will train faster and pass your Microsoft 70-620 test on the first attempt guaranteed.

Every month thousands of certification candidates pass their Microsoft free 70-620 test questions questions using shortcuts and methods that are ruining the certification world. The use of Microsoft 70-620 brain dumps (or Microsoft 70-620 dumps) does more than just cheapen the experience and qualifications of the passer – they ultimately effect every candidate and certified professional, even those who do not participate in the Microsoft 70-620 braindump.

When the workplace fills with individuals who simply passed an exam with no merit, it puts companies and institutions on shaky grounds. An IT professional who’s used a Microsoft 70-620 brain dump eliminated the need to really train or commit himself or herself to the process of fully learning the Microsoft technology. 70-620 exam dumps reduce the effectiveness and purpose of the certification, while making individual training more expensive for the legitimate seekers. While education expenses grow higher, the availability of Microsoft 70-620 free dumps seem to grow exponentially.

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AT&T’s $1 Billion Cloud Bet Shows Carriers Clamoring For Cloud

AT&T (NYSE:T) has pledged to invest $1 billion in cloud services and mobility, among other things, this year as more traditional telcos and carriers show they’re serious about cloud computing.

AT&T recently said it is focusing its plans to deploy global network-based cloud, mobility and networking sourcing solutions to companies of various sizes across multiple industries. The Dallas-based mega-carrier said the nearly $1 billion investment this year will focus on deploying next generation services like mobile applications, as-a-service cloud-based solutions and network sourcing.


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“We continue to invest significantly in cloud-based, mobility and network sourcing solutions because customers are increasingly recognizing that transformative services like these increase productivity, improve operational effectiveness and lower costs,” said John Stankey, president and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions, in a statement.

AT&T said the proliferation of high-speed wired and wireless networks, along with the massive influx of mobile devices and applications has made a cloud and mobile strategy an important component of the carrier’s roadmap.

Along with pushing money into enterprise mobility apps and cloud and as-a-service upgrades, AT&T said it will also roll out platforms, systems and capabilities that enable automation, and enhance and simplify how business customers receive support.

The investment will be targeted at companies, government agencies and institutions in various industries like manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare and automotive.

AT&T has already started investing in cloud-based and emerging services. So far this year the carrier has embedded cloud capabilities directly into its network so the company can manage and deliver services and applications to any device. The cloud services also give customers flexibility and shared economics in their compute and storage needs, the company said.

Another key area of investment, mobility solutions and connected devices, is also already receiving the fruits of AT&T’s $1 billion bet. The company said that in the first quarter of 2011 it added 1.6 million emerging devices like tablets, netbooks and laptops pushing its total number of emerging devices connected to its network to 12 million. Additionally, AT&T has seen the use of mobile applications triple since 2009.

Other major investment areas include global enterprise networking, small business services and services for the healthcare industry.

AT&T’s $1 billion blockbuster comes as carriers, cable companies and traditional telecoms look to corner the cloud computing market through strategic investments and acquisitions.

Last year, Verizon said a large portion of its roughly $17 billion growth investment would be flagged for cloud computing endeavors as the company spends to build, operate and integrate its networking and computing platforms. And earlier this year, Verizon bought cloud computing provider Terremark for a whopping $1.4 billion.

In the weeks that followed Verizon (NYSE:VZ)’s Terremark acquisition, Time Warner Cable said it would purchase cloud hosting provider NaviSite for $220 million.

Then, in April, CenturyLink Inc. revealed plans to acquire cloud provider and hosting operator Savvis Inc. for a $2.5 billion cash and stock purse. As part of the deal, CenturyLink also agreed assume or refinance Savvis’ $700 million in debt, pushing the total deal to $3.2 billion.

AT&T is also no stranger to big time investment. While it is putting $1 billion toward cloud and mobility efforts, AT&T also revealed plans to acquire wireless rival T-Mobile for a whopping $39 billion.

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Microsoft MCITP Certification Training

Using the adapted absolute to conveyance MCITP exams Acceptance questions and abstraction guides will advance your affairs of getting able for your affidavit again annihilation abroad you may obtain. There is abundant online chargeless IT training and paid able apprenticeship and the absolute that they use is acutely important if it comes time to yield your final test. There is abundant IT absolute that will advice you accept the operation of a windows operating arrangement but how abundant of that absolute will be on the absolute test?


Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+ Exams at

In adjustment to canyon your computer ability abject final analysis for affidavit you will ambition alone the absolute that pertains to the absolute final appraisal itself. If you could accept the exact IT final analysis appropriate in foreground of you to abstraction afore you took the absolute analysis would you not be bigger able to canyon again any added method? How to canyon your Advice Technology Acceptance exam! Chargeless computer acceptance assay training, CIW, Microsoft, Comptia and all added Advice Technology certifications are accomplished by alive the absolute exam.

How abounding places do you apperceive area you can get the ancestry on how to canyon your advice technology acceptance exam. This affectionate of apprenticeship is not the aforementioned as computer training. You will charge ability of how to abstraction for your affidavit analysis and to apperceive the able abstraction techniques because an IT appraisal is not the aforementioned as the exams in school. You will as well charge to apperceive area to get adapted absolute about your computer acceptance analysis because if you accept belief absolute that is anachronous again you will not pass.

The acreage of Advice can be alleged a curiosity of marvels on annual of innumerable developments in the acreage aural the antecedent few years. The advance of development is so accelerated that it has become about absurd for the IT professionals to accumulate clip with the innovations fabricated in the amphitheater of Advice technology. The best band-aid to amend oneself is appropriately to canyon altered acceptance exams, fabricated for the purpose. Altered IT companies feel it acute that the ability of IT professionals should be upgraded with the casual time. For the purpose, they are consistently angled aloft introducing altered sorts of acceptance exams. At present, there are a amount of IT certifications accessible online for every IT professional. They are offered by all the accepted all-embracing IT companies and accept the acceptance about the globe.

The IT Certifications are aswell accessible for IT professionals who ambition to accomplish their career in accurate IT fields. By accepting certifications they can get actuality for their abilities and acknowledgment and can accessible up myriads of opportunities for them. Microsoft 70-686 assay is one of those favourite certifications which abide the dream of every IT professional. Microsoft 70-686 exam assay is aswell accepted as Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator.

The ambit of the capacity of Microsoft ActualKey 70-686 the abilities of the applicant in installing, operating, and analytic problems accompanying to troubleshoot in any arrangement system. On annual of the cogent capacity covered in Microsoft 70-686 exam, it is all-important on the allotment of the acceptance to accord absolute absorption to the abstraction capacity of the acceptance exam. They should try their best to aggrandize their ability on assorted complexities of the field, so that they should be able in administration troubleshoot problems in applied situations. The IT professionals accepting acceptance in Microsoft 70-686 analysis are accustomed austere tasks in average and ample and medium-ranged companies. Any absence on their allotment may could cause problems for their own career. Moreover, Microsoft 70-686 assay itself requires a absolute abstraction of the IT field. You can accomplish success in the assay alone if you accept absolutely able yourself for the evaluation.

To advice you in your alertness for the exam, it is appropriate to go through abstraction absolute like 70-686 depression and butt the capacity actuality fully. 70-686 assay Questions accept been able for the purpose of candid the aspirants of the certification. A little absorption by yourself to the abstraction tasks of 70-686 assay Questions can break abounding of your problems and can addition up your aplomb in demography the acceptance assay after activity any hesitation. The abstraction amount in 70-686 questions is simple to chase and provides you to the point advice so that after crumbling time you can accouter your ability up to your requirements. Another cogent footfall to consolidate your studies for Microsoft 70-686 assay is to go through 70-686 conveyance assay afore actualization in the free test questions. 70-686 conveyance assay is a abundant barbecue for you to body up your aplomb and analysis your akin of studies afore the exam.

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Microsoft online chief: I would never log into a Chromebook

Rizzo claimed that Google Apps is far behind Microsoft in features, particularly when it comes to Excel. “Excel is just a million years ahead of what Google Docs provides,” he said. He also noted the lack of offline access for Google Apps and the limited support options, and said Microsoft products are more robust in offering fine-grained control over IT administration.

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To be fair, Google is promising offline access for this summer, and says it plans to expand 24/7 phone support for Google Apps.

Google Calendar users have been complaining over the past week about poor customer service in response to email and text message reminders not working.

But no cloud service is immune to downtime. Microsoft’s hosted email suffered outages this month. Rizzo contenda that customers are better off with Microsoft than Google when outages occur, because Microsoft provides refunds on the customer’s next bill, instead of tacking days on to the end of the service term as Google does for customers of its annual plan.

Google also defines downtime as “more than a five percent user error rate,” whereas Rizzo said at Microsoft, “If one person is affected, it’s considered downtime.”

Microsoft has not yet spelled out how many customers will receive service credits or what the value of the credits will be.

But, Rizzo said, “We do our best to minimize the outages but if we don’t meet our SLAs, we give our customers credits.”

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Microsoft: Ballmer misspoke on Windows 8

Microsoft has rushed to clear up Steve-Ballmer-created confusion over Windows 8, after the CEO seemingly announced that the new OS is coming in 2012 on Monday.

Excitement spread like virtual wildfire as tech sites the world over got hold of this juicy titbit from Ballmer:


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“As we progress through the year, you ought to expect to hear a lot about Windows 8. Windows 8 slates, tablets, PCs, a variety of different form factors.”


The excitement reached fever pitch as it emerged that this was the first time what we’ve all been calling Windows 8 since the dawn of Windows 7 had been officially referred to as Windows 8 by anyone at Microsoft.

“Windows 8 is coming!” lairy OS fans called to each other in the streets as the carnival atmosphere spread from Japan, where Ballmer was speaking, to Timbuktu (probably).

But revellers’ euphoria was cut short when Microsoft today intoned, “It appears there was a misstatement.

“We are eagerly awaiting the next generation of Windows 7 hardware that will be available in the coming fiscal year. To date, we have yet to formally announce any timing or naming for the next version of Windows.”

Oh, Steve Ballmer. Freudian slip?

Still, Intel ought to feel better about its recent Windows 8 related slap on the wrist now that Ballmer has had the same treatment.

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Microsoft 70-297 Study Material

Our Unlimited Access Package will prepare you for your exam with guaranteed results, surpassing other Microsoft exam 70-297 Labs, or our competitor’s dopey Microsoft exam 70-297 Study Guide. Your exam will download as a single Microsoft 70-297 PDF or complete 70-297 testing engine as well as over 1000 other technical exam PDF and exam engine downloads. Forget buying your prep materials separately at three time the price of our unlimited access plan – skip the Microsoft 70-297 audio exams and select the one package that gives it all to you at your discretion: Microsoft 70-297 Study Materials featuring the exam engine.


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Skip all the worthless Microsoft 70-297 tutorials and download 70-297 exam details with real questions and answers and a price too unbelievable to pass up. Act now and download your CertKingdom today!

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Microsoft 70-620 Exam Training

With Microsoft ActualKey TS windows vista questions and answers you will be able to reshape your future goals with these powerful Microsoft questions and answers, including explanations, demonstrating the correct value after answering.

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I’m now a MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7

Being a bit of a fan of exams (!) on Friday went to a lovely little training centre in Wokingham and sat a couple of hours worth of exams, 070-680 and 070-685.  Thankfully I passed both and I can now report back on them, just like I did with the MTA exams.  The first thing to say is that these were, just as you’d expect, much harder than the MTA exams requiring both depth and breadth of knowledge of Windows 7 and how to deploy, manage and troubleshoot it.  Why are they worth it?  How did I study?  What’s next?



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When I started my IT career just over 10 years ago I met a bunch of guys who had their NT4 MCSE and I also had a boss who knew his onions, the guys he hired with MCSEs knew their onions too, they didn’t just have the bit of paper.  They formed my view of why it’s important to be well trained and why it’s worth getting the cert.  What I learnt was that studying Microsoft’s products according to the official curriculum helps you flesh out all the facets and features of a product that you might not necessarily see in your day to day life.  Overall the biggest thing that certifications do is make sure you cover all the bases and widen your knowledge.

Some people expect that when they get a certification they should suddenly earn more money.  Wrong.  Some people expect that when you get a certification you should suddenly get a promotion.  Wrong.  It’s about how you apply the skills you’ve learnt to your business and add value, not about a bit of paper.  There’s one place that certs matter and that’s when you’re getting hired as a contract employee.  In my experience certifications get you past the junior recruitment consultants who vet CVs.  When you’re passed there you are back to how you’ve applied your skills again.

So why are they worth it?  Studying for a cert improves your knowledge and that improves the skills that you apply to your day to day life as an IT Professional.  I think of extra skills as extra tools in the kit bag, making me more capable in more situations.

Over the years I’ve developed a pretty good understanding of how I learn, every IT Pro probably has.  The way I do it is to grab a nice thick study guide, in this case I used MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-680): Configuring Microsoft Windows 7 by Ian McLean and Orin Thomas (review here tomorrow) and I grabbed it in eBook format from Safari Books Online downloaded it to my Kindle and took it away with me to Tenerife over Christmas.  There I proceeded to read it all, including all the bits I thought I knew.  As always in those sections I picked up new nuggets of knowledge that I’d never picked up before.  When I got back to the UK I sat down a couple of days before the exam and did all the exercises that I don’t do all the time…I use MDT quite a lot so I skipped those.  Finally I read all the chapter summaries over again in one sitting.  Essentially I was packing my brain with focused information about what I needed at a particular time.

I could not have done the exam with just that information.

If I hadn’t had experience to apply to the scenario questions in the exams there is no way I’d have made it.  In fact I didn’t think I had made it on either exam until I got the results.  The current crop of exams are really taxing.  They aren’t as taxing as the Windows NT to Windows 2000 upgrade exam but they really aren’t easy.

For me certifications are also a matter of professional pride and I don’t under estimate what that professional pride will drive me to.  I used to work in a team (of contractors) where certification was a competitive sport and that’s still with me.

So what’s next?  I’ll be doing Exam 70-686 next but I’m currently proofing some books and reading previews of others so it’ll probably be a few months.

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